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Bibliography card

Bibliography card
        Book title: Abdel
        Writer: Enrique Páez
        Publishing house: S.M.
        Collection: "El barco de vapor" (serie roja)
                           "Steam boat" (red series)
Writer biography:
Enrique Páez born in Madrid in 1955 and actually he is living in Tenerife, Islas Canarias (Canarias Islands).
 Besides being a writer, he has worked as an editor and a teacher of Spanish language, Literature and Creative writing in Madrid and New York.In 1991, he recieved the "Lazarillo" award beacuse his novel "Devuélveme el anillo, pelo cepillo" ("Give me the ring back, brush hair"). All his narrations belong to children and teenager literature. More than a half of million copies has been sold and they've been translated into 9 languages.Since 1993, he directs the Enrique Páez's Writing Workshop.

Original text by: Raquel Martínez Anselem
Translation by: Francisco Javier Guillén Bravo

·'El club del camaleón'   ("The chamaleon's club")
·'Un secuestro de película'  ("A film kidnapping")
·'Renata y el mago Pintón'  ("Renata and the Painter wizard")
·'La olimpiada de los animales'  ("The animal olympics")

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